Brand support

Answer user’s questions about the practical use of guidelines and brand assets

Assist your users with brand related challenges

When you have a well structured brand portal in place, most of your users can find answers to brand related questions themselves. Because there are always different interpretations or market specific deviations, we encourage you to be present and offer support for your users whenever you can. To simplify the dialogue, your portal can include a personalized questions optimised ticketing system. You can even ask your agency to play an active role in answering brand related questions during a rebranding or use a support ticket to start a new design project. Your brand management team can see all questions asked and assign them to whoever needs to take action or update your guidelines based on frequently asked questions. Gain a quick overview of what is happening and guide your different users to follow established guidelines and remain on-brand.



Collaborate and annotate online to answer questions visually

Questions asked can be related to a brand manual page, a mediabank asset or contain attachments that can be used as a starting point for a dialogue. It doesn’t matter if the file is a design source file or a multipage PDF document, you can preview it online and add sticky notes and comments. There will be no need to send large files back and forth, take screenshots or paste in Word and add comments. You can look together online with your team so everyone can add comments and service your users in a professional and efficient way.

Want to see how a brand portal can help answering brand related questions?

Brand support Q&A

Can our agencies or partners also access our brand portal?

You can create your own user groups and provide full or limited access for your agencies or partners. Of course you can also only use the brand portal with colleagues. It’s easy to keep certain guidelines or brand assets private and control which users are able to access and download files. This way you can tailor your brand portal to the requirements of your users.

We are about to rebrand how can I manage all the questions asked?

Particularly during a rebranding, your marketing team will probably receive a lot of questions. Questions can be answered on your brand portal by your colleagues or your rebranding agency could play an active role at this stage. To make sure everyone’s on the same page, you can use our Brand Support module, a ticketing and support system inside your brand portal, that enables your users to ask questions about your new guidelines or brand assets.

Can a brand portal help me manage my agencies and partners?

With the basics covered, an online brand manual and mediabank can help you start thinking about creative project management via your brand portal as well. You and your agencies probably have your own way of working together and communicate via email telephone or maybe chat. There’s nothing wrong with that but eventually you end up with several drafts of new brand assets that you need to review and if approved, need to be placed in your mediabank. This part of the process can also be facilitated by a brand portal therefore eliminating the most common frustrations of sending different versions of large files back and forth and not being able to annotate.