File delivery and approval

An easy solution for delivering newly created media assets to your brand portal

Personal file management and sharing

Say goodbye to other third party file-sharing tools and save time by letting suppliers, like agencies and photographers, deliver new brand content directly to your brand portal. My Files will provide your users with an online file management solution that can also be used as personal a file storage location and collaboration tool. An approved workflow with online annotations can be used to verify and discuss creation with your partners or colleagues before the brand managers decide to add it to the mediabank.



Add and review metadata of files online

New photos or other types of source files created by your agencies or photographers ideally should be properly described so it can be indexed properly and found by your users easier. To describe the contents, purpose and rights of a media asset metadata is added. Usually the photographer or the agency knows best what the new brand asset, design or photograph is about and under which conditions the file may be used. This information can be added as metadata easily in an early stage so you do not have to correct this later when adding the asset to the mediabank after approval.

Approval workflow with online annotations

Say farewell to back-and-forth emails with annotated images, PDF documents and ‘track changes’ Word files. With Brandware, you can review new designs, documents and photoshoots released to your brand team online. Add digital notes and comments or reply to existing notes from your colleagues or the supplier the same way as you do now. If someone modifies an existing file, all participating users will be informed and asked to review the file again then approve the changes made. That way the delivery and approval of new media files will be a less time consuming task for both you and your partners.


Are you ready to see how agencies can manage and deliver files to your brand portal?

File delivery and approval Q&A

Can we limit the amount of files and versions sent back and forth during our creative process?

Before your studio, agency or partners create a new brand asset, you’ve probably already made a lot of calls, sent emails, uploaded and downloaded several versions of different files that require the use of third party file transfer tools that may interfere with your security or privacy policies. You can easily solve this problem by giving your partners access to the file delivery area of your brand portal. Upload, discuss and collaborate until the asset is verified, approved and described well enough to be loaded onto your mediabank.

The GDPR instructs us to keep track of a lot of data, what is the best way to facilitate this?

To comply with GDPR your photographers or agencies are required to log e.g. persons on a picture and until when permission is given to use the image. This information you need to gather, store and keep private. To facilitate this you can use the file delivery section of your brand portal. The required information can be entered at file upload, stored and can be made visible to managers. Together with automatic expiration you reduce the risk of inappropriate use.

Can we force our agencies and photographers to properly describe what they deliver?

We strongly encourage the use of metadata and establishing a proper and unified filename policy as part of your briefings. If you allow your agencies and photographers to deliver newly created brand assets to your brand portal, you can enforce your policies and review what is delivered before you decide to export to the mediabank. In the end this will save you time and your users will be able to find media assets faster and easier.