Other general features

Other general features and options

Fully themable to meet your brand identity

Although Brandware delivers a ready-to-use brand portal, you can still choose to set it up with a specific design and theme so it stays consistent with your brand’s requirements. We work in cooperation with your marketing team or branding agency to develop a theme consistent with your brand’s guidelines, colours, fonts and shapes to make your brand portal lead by example. It will feel like it was custom made for your brand and you won’t have to go through the long process of gathering requirements, working on the interface design and programming. With various navigation options, menu structures, page layouts and content blocks, you can personalise your portal even further. Does each brand have its own theme? Are you in the process of rebranding? No problem, we can always change your theme afterwards. Brandware will provide you with all the tools necessary to start small, grow big and respond to future changes in your brand’s architecture.



White label brand portal

Do you design brand manuals for your clients? Are you involved in a rebranding? Do your clients come to you with outdated brand guidelines or struggle with sending you the right brand assets? These could all be signs that your client desperately needs a brand portal. In cooperation with Brandware, your agency can solve this problem for your clients. You can either refer us to your clients as our partner or you can sell a brand portal as your own product with our white label version. Both you and your client will benefit from a brand portal. All portals we create with a partner include the Brand Support module to strengthen the dialogue between you and your client. Your agency will be quick to respond to new projects and feel the need to design new branded materials. Please contact us and we send you details about our Partner model and White label options.

Try it out for yourself with our demo brand portal

General features Q&A

We are a branding agency, can we resell a white label version of the Brandware brand portal?

Absolutely! Team up with our agency for a rebranding or to streamline existing marketing processes to your clients. We have different solutions for agencies referring a client or reselling the Brandware brand portal. Please contact us and we will send you detailed information about partner referral and white label options.

Can I change the look and feel of the Brand Portal?

Absolutely! We can work in cooperation with your in-house creatives or branding agency to make sure the theme of the brand portal matches your corporate identity or brand identities. Different themes can be customized by the colours and fonts used throughout the portal. The portal, along with your logo, will create a complete on-brand experience.

Can we suggest our own features, modules or integrations?

For sure. Originally developed for and with the support of end-users at brands and agencies, we built a flexible solution that satisfies the majority, but it can still be personalised towards specific setups or processes. This also includes turning valuable customer feedback into new features so all our clients will benefit from specific integrations. Feel free to contact us with your case.