Nonprofits, NGOs and Charities

Allow Brandware to support your goals with a Brand Portal

Looking to optimize your organization’s brand management without breaking the bank? Our brand management software, previously exclusive to commercial brands, is now accessible to Nonprofits, NGOs, and Charities at a reduced rate.

In light of the shifting landscape in the nonprofit sector and the emphasis on strategic branding for social impact, we’re extending our services to support organizations like yours.

Our online brand portal offers a robust solution for centralized brand asset management, ensuring consistency and integrity across all communications. With intuitive features and customizable options, our platform simplifies brand management processes, also for the nonprofits and NGOs.

Understanding the financial constraints faced by charities, we’re offering our brand portal at a discounted price tailored to your sector.


See a demo of a fully working brand portal with mediabank for your charity?

Brands already managed by Brandware

We provide Brand Management Software solutions to a wide variety of brands, companies, agencies and (semi-)government organisations and can also service your charity.