Connect your brand portal with third party applications


Brandware Media Selector plugin for Adobe

Media assets centrally stored in your DAM portal can be used directly in Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator and AfterEffects by using the Brandware Media Selector plugin for Adobe. As a Portal Owner you control which files are available to your plugin users. You can provide direct access to photo’s, logo’s, video snippets but also design source files such as PSD, INDD or AI centrally stored and managed in your mediabank. Allowing agencies to search in your image bank and download or place the selected file right where they create new materials. The plugin provides secured personal access to the files in your mediabank without the need to login each time and manually download first.

Active Directory powered Single Sign-On

Single Sign-on (SSO) is a centralized session and user authentication service which requires a set of login credentials, usually an email address and password, and can be used to access multiple applications, like a Brandware brand portal. Normally it connects with your existing Active Directory so you are automatically logged in to your brand portal if you are logged on to your company’s network. User profiles can be maintained centrally by your IT department so you and your colleagues will have seamless user experiences. There is no need for additional usernames or passwords. User management and access to sessions by external users, such as your agencies or partners, are handled by the portal and can be setup to follow your internal security and password policies.



Brandware API

Your portal comes with an application-programming interface (API) to allow your web developers or other software vendors to communicate. The Brandware API is a software-to-software interface to e.g. query your mediabank and present results in a such a specific way so that another application is able to uses this information. The most common implementation is a Content Management System (CMS) which pulls and synchronises the marketing department’s approved media assets such as images from the mediabank for usage on a website. Because the Brandware API is written in a standardised format, you can basically connect every website or application. As the Brand Manager, you get to decide how the API works and which media assets are accessible on specific API connections that can be configurated for your portal.

Offsite backup

You value your brand assets just as much as we do. So, we automatically backup all your portal’s content multiple times a day and store these in two different datacenters in The Netherlands. If you or your IT department would also like to keep a backup on your own servers or Azure, we offer a offsite backup service. Every night your brand portal automatically synchronises all of the changes made that day so you can rest assured that you have the most recent files. The offsite backup service is included in your license and once configured, you will remain in control of your brand’s content in case of unthinkable circumstances.


Learn more about how Brandware can integrate with your applications?

Integrations Q&A

Do we need an other password to login to our brand portal?

If your company has an Active Directory, it is not required to remember yet another password to access your brand portal. Are you in the office or connected to a VPN and logged on to the network? Then you do not have to login again. The brand portal will recognise you and automatically log you in. User accounts for your partners, agencies, photographers, production companies, clients and the like can be managed from your portal following the password policy defined by your IT department or Security Officer.

Can we store files, media or backups on our own fileserver?

Brandware provides a hosted Software as a Service solution so files and backups are stored on the Brandware network in addition to an off-site backup location. Furthermore, your IT department can provide its own backup location that can be configured on your portal. All changes made during the day will be automatically synchronised over night. Are you looking for an On the Premises brand portal solution? Depending on your exact requirements, we can do our best to make it possible! Please contact us for more information.

We don't know where our brand assets are being used. How can we improve this?

Having all your brand assets in a brand portal or mediabank is a good start. You can keep track of usage and update your users automatically with changes. But what if your brand assets are used on your website or on other applications in the company? In that case you should consider integration with the Brandware API to ensure that all your touchpoints use the same source files and automatically send updates when changes are made, such as expiration or photography that contains ex-colleagues that you would no longer like to use. The Brandware API can be used to control what is used where to maintain one source of truth.