Media collections

Allow users to make personalized collections for later use or provide predefined public asset packs

Allow users to create personal brand asset packs

Users can group and save a combination of brand assets to a personalized collection for later use or to share with others. This gives users the freedom to create their own asset packs of files belonging to different media types or default categories in your brand portal. As a result, the collections help illustrate all brand elements required by a creative to design a new brand asset or provide all that is necessary for the new marketing campaign. Personal collections can also be made public so other users can use the particular set of brand assets created by another user.



Add an extra layer to your mediabank

The Collections feature adds an additional layer to your Mediabank allowing your users to save their selection as a collection. Your brand portal knows who added a brand asset to a collection and notifies them automatically when any changes and updates are made. Opening a saved collection leads the user to a filtered view of the mediabank showing relevant results. In the end, the user has his/her own personal mediabank per collection, providing a quick overview of the brand assets required for designing a new packshot or all files relevant for a campaign your colleague is managing. Shared public collections obviously take user rights into consideration by showing only the brand assets the users is allowed to see or download.

Are you interested in making your own asset pack and saving it as a collection?

Media collections Q&A

What are the different options users have to customise how the brand portal works?

Each user has a personal profile where all personal settings can be configured and saved. When to received notifications, the preferred language and social visibility. In the mediabank a user can search by keywords, user search operands use auto suggested results or use the filter to narrow down the results. A selection can be made for download or saved for later as a personal collection.

Can we add our own filters to the mediabank?

You can organise assets by brand, media type, category or with your own filters. In most cases you may want to separate items by t category but if you may want to highlight a brand or company’s specific feature of assets, a custom filter may be the best option. You can also let the user sort the mediabank search results based on your own custom filters or by adding brand assets to a personal or public collection.

How can we categorise our mediabank to suit all our different users?

One of the most difficult parts of setting up a new brand portal and mediabank is structuring your brand assets. We can provide the best practices but finding proper classification differs for every brand. A Brandware portal supports all thinkable ways to guide users to your assets. To top it off, users can make their own collections or share the assets they categorised themselves as a public collection.