Online Template Editor

Extend the Mediabank to create, edit and publish new materials based on Photoshop and InDesign templates

Create new brand assets with online templates

Templates stored in the Mediabank by default can be previewed, shared or downloaded. With the Online Template Editor add-on, you can allow specific users to create and publish new materials without having to download files or have Photoshop or InDesign installed on their computer. An additional button will be displayed enabling the user to start editing the predefined template. You have full control over which user is allowed to open a template for editing. Because the Online Template Editor is fully integrated with the Mediabank, you can easily categorise templates per brand and market and decide which other media assets can be applied to specific templates. The Online Template Editor of Brandware is one of the most flexible and affordable solutions for editing online with Adobe Photoshop and InDesign templates available on the market.



Restrict areas or give users complete flexibility

Users that given access to the Online Template Editor have the ability to change texts or select a different image from a predefined list of allowed assets. You decide what your users can do. Maybe they won’t be allowed to change the layout or the logo, but they can customize text and images. Restrictions can be configured in Photoshop, InDesign or the portal. Choose the easiest solution for you or your studio. In addition to specific areas, you can also restrict specific actions, such as only allowing users to select the brand’s colours or to add text in a predefined brand font. By making both fixed and flexible pages available in your template, users have a certain amount of freedom to, for instance always have the same front page but they may also be allowed multiple page layouts for the final page. After making the desired changes, the updated version can be saved as a personal draft or shared with colleagues to give them a head start and encourage collaboration.

Preflight and export for print and digital use

Editors can track ongoing changes or the user can save a working version and generate proofs. The output required by your users may vary. Whether you need a high-resolution PDF that requires printing with bleed and crop marks or a PDF for digital use, the Online Template Editor can produce both with the press on a button and a single template. Take advantage of variable content to generate final versions in bulk, such as business cards or product sheets. By default final versions can be saved, downloaded , shared and exported back in to the Mediabank. In addition, we can incoporate your existing fulfilment partners in ordering and printing the materials created with the Online Template Editor.


Like to see how easy it is to use online templates?

Online Template Editor Q&A

Is it possible to use our existing InDesign or Photoshop templates?

The Online Template Editor supports both Adobe Indesign (IDML) and Photoshop PSD files. There is no need to convert your existing templates into another format. If you would like to add restrictions, you can do so in InDesign, Photoshop or the portal. If you want to produce both print and digital versions with one template, make sure to design the final version for print with the correct bleed and crop areas. Then the editor will take care of your digital version.

Is it possible to allow basic editing but restrict lay out changes?

You can limit your users by allowing the modification of texts or the selection of a new product’s image or packshot, while not giving them the option of replacing or resizing the logo or selecting a different typeface and colour that conflicts with your brand’s guidelines. In addition, you can decide if a user is e.g. allowed to upload his/her own images or if he/she will only be able to select images already in your mediabank that have been approved for use on the template.

Can I use variable content and generate multiple results in bulk?

Variable content can come from various sources, such as Excel, your mediabank or other external sources. The Online Template Editor can detect your variables and assign them to areas of your template. Bulk processing produces a file in print or digital versions for e.g. each product or person mentioned in your data resource.