User management

Restrict or allow access to specific brand or market related content

Personalized role-based user experience

Our permission and access rights options are often perceived as one of the most diverse on the market. With multiple different setups and detailed user permission models, we have been able to meet basically every situation thinkable. Even though a Brandware brand portal is standardised software, the configuration options and setup are customised. Of course you can give users access to everything, but on the other hand you can also filter content to specific users based on their profile and history. Whether you prefer to limit access to individual brands, markets, brand manual pages or mediatypes: you can choose the settings and setup. This can be as detailed as being able to download a single brand asset, viewing one piece of metadata e.g. only visible to your brand managers or even restricting the ability to perform an action such as accessing the  Online Template Editor. The portal automatically excludes everything that is not relevant to the current user.



Access control and security

Deciding who gets access to which brands, markets, pages or maybe individual brand assets can be challenging. Your brand portal is equipped with various options to streamline or even fully automate the access and approved work. You have full control and decide manually per access request or define automation rules to e.g. automatically provide access to an employee of an already known partner. Accounts that cannot be handled automatically can be approved or declined by selected users with one click. Your colleagues can log in and receive assigned user roles by integrating with your existing Active Directory. That way your IT department can manage accounts and automatically invalidate colleague’s accounts that leave the company. To support your IT department even more, your portal can also meet your internal password policies, security standards and be setup to use two-factor authentication.

Want to experience what it’s like to be a brand portal user?

User management Q&A

Can our agencies or partners also access our brand portal?

You can create your own user groups and provide full or limited access for your agencies or partners. Of course you can also only use the brand portal with colleagues. It’s easy to keep certain guidelines or brand assets private and control which users are able to access and download files. This way you can tailor your brand portal to the requirements of your users.

What if not all our brands are relevant to all our markets?

With almost endless rights and permissions options, you are able to show the specific brand assets that are relevant to your users. This can be done with a combination of brands and markets. Our portasl can be setup to meet your requirements. Whether you prefer to show all brands to all users or limit access per brand or per brand-market combination, we’ve seen it all over the past years and are sure we can offer assistance for any case. 

Can we give certain users access to a few of the items in the mediabank?

Your users are associated to one or multiple groups, brands or markets. Your mediabank items follow the same structure. Thanks to this, when required, you can show specific media assets to specific users. Your brand portal matches the settings of the assets to the settings of the user’s profile. This gives you complete flexibility in providing access to items relevant to the user.