Online Brand Manual

Create interactive brand identity guidelines and easily keep them up-to-date

Building blocks for your digital brand book

Clear brand guidelines make it easier for your colleagues, agencies, partners and distributors to interact with your brand identity from all over the world. Over time, your brand’s guidelines are likely to change or evolve. When that happens, the PDF version becomes outdated therefore putting your entire brand at risk for inappropriate branding. The solution is simple; an online version of your brand manual makes it easy to change and automatically notify your users of important changes. We provide ready to use and proven building blocks to display your logos, do’s and don’ts, brand colors, fonts and downloads. You can use them in any way you’d like and setup a navigation structure that follows your brand architecture.



Navigate and browse interactive PDFs online

In case you already have a PDF version of guidelines, your users can navigate your documents just as easily as the online brand manual. We will set up easy to use PDF navigation menus and we even support interactive PDFs. If a new version is added to your portal, users can be notified to download your guidelines again if they choose to do so. For a more magazine-like natural browsing experience, we also provide an advanced PDF viewer. Similar to online brand manual pages, you can add relevant downloads or link media assets to previously published PDF manuals.

Embed related media assets and files

Show your audience how brand guidelines are put to practice and supported by various ways of directly embedding related media assets or downloads where they are expected. You will no longer need a static brand manual with textual references. Brandware is comprised of various interactive components to preview, download or test drive your brand’s ready to use key assets. This includes, but not limited to, content blocks to show specific mediabank results, media collections, do’s and don’ts images, related downloads, videos and brand fonts. We will combine that with numerous page layouts and different menu and navigation options to match your brands taxonomy.


Interested in finding out how to make your brand guidelines interactive?

Online Brand Manual Q&A

We do not currently have a brand manual, can you help us make one?

We can give you all the tools to easily set up an interactive brand manual using your Brand Portal. We can work in cooperation with your agency or share the best practices to help you setup a well structured brand. We do not make brand manuals ourselves but we have experience with hundreds of different brands. We partner with experienced branding and design agencies that can assist you in setting up a suitable brand architecture. Please contact us for more information.

We have multiple brands, will they all fit in one brand portal?

There are several different setup options available, depending on who has access to what and how you would like your brand portal to look. Maybe you’re interested in incorporating a corporate look and feel by listing all of your brands under one theme or perhaps you’d prefer each brand to have its own look and feel with specific access rights per user group or market. We are offer solutions to all possibilities.

Can I change the look and feel of the Brand Portal?

Absolutely! We can work in cooperation with your in-house creatives or branding agency to make sure the theme of the brand portal matches your corporate identity or brand identities. Different themes can be customized by the colours and fonts used throughout the portal. The portal, along with your logo, will create a complete on-brand experience.

Our current Brand Manual is a PDF, do we need to convert that?

You can, but it is not required. There is nothing wrong with a PDF version of your Brand Manual. By default Brandware provides multiple ways to display and navigate online through PDFs including your current Brand Manual. In addition, we can use various content blocks to turn your current brand book into a fully interactive brand manual.

We already have a Brand Portal, can we move to Brandware?

Of course you can! We are happy to help you transfer your current content, assets and users. Ideally, you should contact us a few months before your current contract expires. Over the past years we have successfully converted clients from a wide variety of other vendors.

Is there a limit on the amount of pages a Brand Manual can have?

There is no physical limit to the amount of pages but there could be a practical or aesthetic limitation. We can make six-layer deep structures if necessary. There are several different page layouts available to suit almost every need. In addition, pages can be linked to encourage further reading or show associated content.