Interaction and collaboration

Allows your portal users to interact with your team, agencies, brands and assets.

Keep your users active and responsive to new assets and updates

By liking a page or adding a brand asset to their favourites, users can be automatically notified about changes in guidelines or brand assets they previously downloaded or shared. Your brand portal automatically alerts your users to keep them active and informed about important and relevant changes. In addition you can enable social features for pages and mediabank items to allow comments and interaction between portal users. Users can discuss guidelines or let other users suggest created materials based on the brand asset another user is currently viewing.



Actively support co-creation and teamwork

Your brand portal can facilitate online collaboration with remote colleagues and encourage your agencies and suppliers to share thoughts, ideas and opinions to really start cooperating. In the end, your brand will benefit. With online annotation and comments that can be placed directly on created assets for review, you save time and keep track of what is discussed. Furthermore, the notifications ensure that everyone is involved and stays informed therefore motivating them to participate. Whether you prefer streamline communication in a local marketing team or promote collaboration between different markets, anything is possible.

See for your self how a brand portal can facilitate collaboration?

Interaction and collaboration Q&A

How can I motivate brand portal users to revisit and use recent brand assets?

By automatically keeping track of how your brand assets and guidelines are used, the brand portal keeps your users updated with relevant changes or updates. Because what is relevant can differ per user, notifications are personalized and only sent if applicable to the users’ past actions. This motivates users to return and stay up to date with the most recent versions of your guidelines and media assets.

Can a brand portal help me manage my agencies and partners?

With the basics covered, an online brand manual and mediabank can help you start thinking about creative project management via your brand portal as well. You and your agencies probably have your own way of working together and communicate via email telephone or maybe chat. There’s nothing wrong with that but eventually you end up with several drafts of new brand assets that you need to review and if approved, need to be placed in your mediabank. This part of the process can also be facilitated by a brand portal therefore eliminating the most common frustrations of sending different versions of large files back and forth and not being able to annotate.

How can we remain in the realm of the global brand identity with many local initiatives?

When it comes to corporate communications or global brand management, it is almost impossible to be aware of all of the local initiatives. Having a brand portal in place with all global and local brand guidelines included in the correct localized brand assets is a good starting point. This gives local markets the ability to share news or best practices on your brand portal helping you understand what is produced where and additionally stimulating learning from each other’s achievements and experiences.